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Aimie L. Mims, SR/WA, R/W-AMC, R/W-NAC


Aimie believes that the work we do as right of way professionals matters; we improve people’s quality of life through infrastructure development. As a Right of Way Manager at HDR, Aimie works to empower teams of right of way professionals and grow business through strategic marketing and delivery of high-quality project services. By building and mediating client-landowner relationships in a way that is fair and respectful to landowners, she helps secure necessary land rights to make successful projects possible. Maintaining a strong industry presence is important to Aimie and she is proud to currently be serving as President of [...]

Aimie L. Mims, SR/WA, R/W-AMC, R/W-NAC2020-06-05T18:13:37-05:00

Carmelita A. Delgado, R/W-NAC, RWA


Carmelita Delgado, R/W-NAC, RWA,  is a Real Estate Specialist for Electrical Consultants, Inc., based in Woods Cross, Utah. Ms. Delgado has over 16 years of right of way acquisition and project management experience in the Energy Industry with both private and public entities. She has been an active member of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) since 2014. Ms. Delgado has been very active in serving the Salt Lake City Chapter of the IRWA and has held several committee and officer positions including President-Elect and International Director. Ms. Delgado is a past Region 9, Young Professional Representative and [...]

Carmelita A. Delgado, R/W-NAC, RWA2020-06-05T18:14:52-05:00

Lara T. Bailey SR/WA, R/W-NAC


Lara is a Lands & Right of Way Advisor for M&N Operating Co. (Enbridge), and she has worked for the company since 1991. She is currently responsible for a variety of right-of-way activities for approximately 300 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Lara delights in spending time with family and friends and occasionally performing on bassoon and contrabassoon with a few local groups. She also enjoys volunteering, cooking, hiking, biking, and kayaking. Lara has a B.A. in Music, a B.S. in Business Administration, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. [...]

Lara T. Bailey SR/WA, R/W-NAC2021-03-10T17:07:33-06:00

Kelly Patton


Kelly Patton, Business Development and Marketing Manager, joined Spirit Environmental in October 2018. Kelly creatively manages all business development and marketing efforts to keep Spirit on the forefront of clients’ minds. She oversees all conferences, events, and marketing activities and coordinates and creates all internal and external marketing materials to ensure Spirit’s visibility. Despite being raised in the land of the Longhorns, Kelly found her collegiate home at Texas A&M University in College Station where she earned a BS in Agricultural Science in 2011. Kelly started her career in right of way as the Regional Coordinator for Paragon Partners [...]

Kelly Patton2021-03-11T08:26:57-06:00

Gina M. Anthony, SR/WA


Gina M. Anthony, SR/WA is currently a Project Manager and Right of Way Agent for Diversified Property Services, Inc. (DPS). Gina started with DPS in 2016 after retiring as Director for the Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration’s Office of Real Estate (MDOT/SHA). As Director for MDOT/SHA’s Office of Real Estate, Ms. Anthony was responsible the agency’s real estate and right of way acquisitions throughout the State of Maryland , managinga budget in excess of $100 million per year. In her 32 years at MDOT/SHA, Gina worked in all facets of right of way acquisitions including fourteen years [...]

Gina M. Anthony, SR/WA2020-06-05T18:17:36-05:00

Kasy E. Baldauf, SR/WA


Mrs. Kasy Baldauf, SR/WA, Right of Way Specialist, joined Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP in February 2015, after working as an Encroachment Analyst for Enterprise Products, LLC in Houston, Texas. Kasy began her career in South Texas shortly after graduating from Texas A&M University in 2011 with her Bachelors of Arts Degree in History. Her job responsibilities include managing capital projects throughout Texas and Louisiana, operations support for all existing pipeline assets and maintaining the permanent records and database. Kasy also holds her Senior Right of Way designation through the International Right of Way Association. Kasy became an [...]

Kasy E. Baldauf, SR/WA2021-03-11T08:41:48-06:00

Michael Pattison, SR/WA


Michael Pattison, SR/WA is a principal in the firm of Pattison & Associates, Inc., in Sacramento, California. He has over 25 years of right of way appraisal experience for local agencies and private owners in the Northern California area. He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics. He is an active senior member of the Sacramento Chapter of IRWA and is a Past President. He was honored with the IRWA’s prestigious Frank C. Balfour Award in 2004. He is proud to have served as the Professional Development Chair for the [...]

Michael Pattison, SR/WA2021-03-10T17:23:17-06:00

Angel Banks


Angel Banks is the Right of Way Manager for the Metropolitan Sewerage District, a regional public sewer authority in Asheville.  She created the District’s right of way division in 1991, establishing policies and procedures for easement acquisition over 1,000 miles of sewer lines.  Working with area municipalities, she developed agreements allowing greenway uses over the District’s sewer easements.  Angel became a member of IRWA in 1991.  She served on Chapter 31 committees and officer positions, becoming President in 2004.  From 2004-2009 she served as Region 6 Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair.  She served with the IRWA Leadership Institute since [...]

Angel Banks2021-03-31T13:59:41-05:00

Bernard W. Lea, SR/WA


Bernard completed a 36-year career with the U.S. Forest Service, retiring in 1992. The first 20 years as an engineer, and the remaining 16 as a realty specialist, responsible for easement acquisition, land exchanges, appraisals, and negotiations. He is a Montana Certified Appraiser (General) and is presently self-employed. He has been a member of Montana Chapter 45 since 1980 and is certified as an instructor to teach appraisal, engineering and negotiation courses. He has served as Regional Chair and Vice Chair, on the INEC Committee, the Headquarters Move Committee and recently on the Education Summit Committee. He has served [...]

Bernard W. Lea, SR/WA2020-06-03T16:52:48-05:00

Kevin Winner, SR/WA


Kevin L. Winner, SR/WA, MBA, AB obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications and Master’s in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico. He is a Project Manager for Percheron located in the Southwestern US. Percheron is a land and right of way Service Company providing a wide range of comprehensive right of way acquisition and permitting services primarily to the pipeline, power, energy, renewable, transportation, telecommunication, and governmental sectors. He has been involved in the Right of Way Industry since 1999 and has worked for both private and public utility companies negotiating property rights for telecommunications, pipelines [...]

Kevin Winner, SR/WA2021-04-07T11:50:32-05:00
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