David W. Sinclair, SR/WA, is a Project Manager for Paragon Partners Ltd. working on the Alaska LNG Project in Anchorage, Alaska. Prior to joining Paragon Partners, Mr. Sinclair was President of Steele Land Services, worked at ENGlobal for 11 years in various executive positions, and worked at Enron for more than 16 years serving as their Director of Right of Way until January of 2001. While at Enron his responsibilities included overseeing the acquisition of land and right-of-way for new facilities and managing existing land rights across their domestic pipeline system. In addition, Mr. Sinclair also provided right-of-way assistance and consulting for international projects and some fiber development projects. Prior to joining Enron in 1984, he was an independent consultant, performing land and right-of-way acquisition in various regions throughout the country. Mr. Sinclair became a member of the IRWA in 1984 and is presently a Trustee and President of the Right of Way International Education Foundation, an IRWA instructor, an instructor for the BLM Pipeline Systems Course, and member of the Pipeliners Association of Houston. He is presently the Treasurer of the IRWA Pipeline Committee, is a Past Chairman of the IRWA Pipeline Committee, Past President of IRWA Chapter 8, Past Chairman of the Southern Gas Association (SGA) Right of Way Roundtable, a speaker at the SGA Right of Way Roundtable, and co-editor of IRWA Course 215.