Amanda Vande Voorde, SR/WA, is a CDBG-DR Project Manager with GrantWorks, overseeing URA compliance matters. Amanda has over 11 years’ experience in the right-of-way profession, and like many in the field, her experience spans several states and industries. Amanda has negotiated land rights for federal disaster buyouts, energy and utility projects, transportation and telecommunication projects, as well as municipal infrastructure projects including bridges, trails, and flood control. Amanda is most passionate about Relocation and helping displacees navigate the URA process.  Amanda’s educational journey took a non-traditional route, but she continues to be a strong proponent of industry-specific trainings and educational courses. Through continuous learning and professional development, she earned her Senior Right of Way designation in 2022.

Born and raised in Michigan, Amanda’s love for adventure and exploration has since taken her to many different states including Washington, California, New York, and Iowa, which she now proudly calls home. In her free time, she enjoys creating lasting memories with her son Warren, exploring new places, camping, kayaking, and seeking out unique travel destinations.