40 Years of Giving Back

Since RWIEF’s inception in 1976 as a non-profit funding mechanism for right of way education, the Foundation has supported IRWA in building and improving its education program. Coming to the end of our 40th anniversary year, it is amazing to recognize that approximately $1.8M has been endowed to the program. Most members know that Foundation funding has produced new courses, updated existing courses, converted classroom courses to online formats, and made possible the 2004 revision of the PRINCIPLES OF RIGHT OF WAY textbook, but that’s not all. Funding for the Leadership Institute produced 11 online modules of leadership training that is free – yes, FREE – to IRWA members. All courses and leadership modules provide continuing education credits for IRWA recertification – and there’s more. RWIEF manages and/or appropriates funding for three scholarship programs.

We take this supporting role to heart and are excited to announce our partnering with IRWA in a three-year program to sponsor 40 new scholarships for members seeking their RWA or RWP designation. RWIEF will fund and IRWA will administer the program, set to roll out this June. These scholarships will make a huge impact on individuals and their employers.

So, where do RWIEF funds come from? YOU! IRWA Chapter and Region members, along with leading industry corporations, generously donate money along with their time, energy, and passion to raise funds. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of right of way professionals and raise the level of expertise in this industry. Without your donations, we could not have achieved such milestones over these 40 years.